The Dark Sea

Stuck between a Shark(Curly) and a hard place

Our adventurers find themselves chained to one another in the bottom of a cargo ship. The last thing any of them can remember is sitting in a dingy bar and a beautiful woman buying them a drink. It is all dark after that. Using a distraction from with of the captives (Jackson Beck), the rest of the would-be slaves take their chance at freedom. They take out the guards in the hull and proceed to the living quarters. There are more guards there and they are easily dispatched. As this fight is going on, a cannon ball rips through the stern of the ship, exposing the back room of the living quarter to the open sea. Then comes a call from the Captain for “all hands on deck” and the adventures try their best to pass as deck hands and help the ship take off. As they get to the top deck, they see a large gun ship (more than likely one of Prince Lorrister’s) closing in on them. The new crew members put their differences aside for them moment and make an effort to flee the pursuing ship. It takes a good half an hour but they soon lose sight of the gunship and on to calmer waters, or so it seems for the moment!



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