Captain Salazar Ruhl

Human Captain and first patron of Iskarias Chaosborn


Taking to the sea at an early age, Salazar Ruhl has recently begun to make a name for himself as an up and coming captain in the Lhazaar Pricincipalities. A cunning, charismatic man, Ruhl commands his ship, Annalyssa’s Revenge, as both a corsair for hire and often as a legitimate cargo ship throughout the sea.

From his home port on Redwatch Island, Salazar answered the High Prince Rygar ir’Wynarn‘s summons to Regalport, which was where he discovered Iskarias Chaosborn. After a number of years on his crew under the tutelage of Captain Ruhl’s resident evoker, Tharivol Orl’Falcone, Iskarias has since left Ruhl’s service on amiable terms and is still viewed by the captain with an almost fatherly fondness.

Ruhl is still striving to increase his influence upon this wild sea and hopes to someday rival the other High Princes.

Captain Salazar Ruhl

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