Captain Xigbar

Human Badass Gunslinger


Expert strategist.



Xigbar was born the son of the greatest locksmith in all of Karrnath. His fathers expertise was used by Nobles, Lords and even Kings to protect their most prized treasure and deepest darkest secrets. He lived with his parents above his fathers shop in the great city of Atur. Little Xigbar spent a lot of time with his old man while he was working and took a great interest in the art/science of lock smithing and tinkering in general. His father starting seeing a natural ability for tinkering at the very young age of five.

When Xigbar was eight he left Atur to spend time with his grandmother who lived in a small human village in Mror Holds. A short time after his arrival he received the worst news he could get. Xigbar learned that his mother, father, and city of birth was obliterated in an extremely devastating explosion.

After hearing the news Xigbar continued to live with his grandma in Mror Holds but became very closed in. All he cared about was tinkering staying in his room all day and night taking apart, rebuilding, and even creating dozens of tiny mechanical devices. More tragedy would eventually come to Xigbar four years later when his grandma died unexpectedly. That same day he was taken to live in the village orphanage.

Captain Xigbar

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