Iskarias Chaosborn

Tiefling Sorcerer


*Chosen at birth to be an avatar of The Traveler; Iskarias grew up not knowing about his origins. As a child, unexplained events would occur all around him, one such occasion being when his home was incinerated after being lit on fire just as he tried to open the door after a day of chores. This was not an isolated incident and soon the leaders of the human settlement that he had been raised in connected the events to young Iskarias and unceremoniously banished him from the town.

Forced at this young age to fend for himself, Iskarias turned to theft. Eventually Iskarias tried to pick the wrong pocket in Regalport and was caught by Salvador Ruhl, one of the pirate captains that were in port to accept the summons of the High Prince. While being transported to the captain’s ship; Iskarias began to radiate an intense blinding light and his normally pitch black eyes began to glow a powerful golden hue. Startled, Ruhl was forced to let go of his captive and could only watch helplessly as the young tiefling started to rise off of the ground with no discernible cause. Though fearfull for their safety no one in the area could manage to draw themselves away from this amazing spectacle. After about 30 seconds of agonizing brightness, a sharp flare could be seen from Iskarias’ back and then abruptly the light cut off just as it had appeared and the would be thief fell back to the ground prone.

As the captain cautiously approached the fallen youngster; he could clearly see; as if burned into the tiefling’s back; was a symbol of crossed, rune-etched bones that was unmistakable to the world wise man. Quickly covering up the new marking with his cloak, the captain picked up the unconscious form and returned to his ship where his crew’s resident wizard could help to confirm his theory.

It was on this day that Iskarias’ life was irrevocably changed. As Ruhl suspected, his wizard; Tharivol Orl’Falcone; confirmed that the burn was in fact in the shape of the symbol of The Traveler, the most enigmatic of the Dark Six whose domains included those of chaos and change. Seeing an opportunity to possibly add a new magic user to his crew, Salazar left Iskarias in the capable hands of Tharivol to start to learn the ways of magic on the high seas. The wizard recognized in his new charge an immense but unchecked power that would need to be directed in some small way in order to not destroy the young man as he attempted to wield his new abilities.

This was all eight years ago on Iskarias’ 18th birthday. The years of magical instruction from his mentor have given him some moderate control of his innate abilities but there are still some unforeseen outcomes from his spells. The urge to stay constantly on the move and be an instrument for change are always in the back of mind; his but his pirating lifestyle seems to alleviate the strain. He has never knowingly met The Traveler again although he does feel that his “patron” has played at least a small role in his development and current place in life.*

Recently reincarnated from death, somewhat worse for wear, Iskarias has learned of rumors of the death of his metor Captain Salazar Ruhl. Not normally inclined towards a set agenda, the sorcerer has vowed to pursue the rumor and find out the truth behind his former captain’s fate using any knowledge he can gain.

This quest for information has; in the past; lead Iskarias to trouble and some dangerous situations but that has not quelled his insatiable desire for arcane knowledge. After a harrowing adventure in reclaiming Cheesemanor, Iskarias has found some intriguing information regarding the death of High Prince Rygar in addition to what looks like a mystical tome which might let Isz grow in power, and perhaps allow him to find his captain’s murderer.

Iskarias Chaosborn

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