Welcome to The Dark Seas, where murder, mystery and adventure take to the Lhazaar Sea.

Taking place twenty years after the devastation of Karrnath, there is a renaissance taking place across Khorvaire. A birth of new technology and a forming of new alliances between nations has never flourished so greatly. Everywhere except the Lhazaar Pricincipalities. Although recognized by the other nations as its own independent nation, it is very loosely held together by Rygar ir’Wynarn. The Pirate Prince had banded all of the other pirate princes to unite (or at least not cut each others throats) under him but they could operate independently. That is until Rygar ir’Wynarn was found dead in his throne room.

Without Rygar ir’Wynarn, there is now a race between all of the pirate princes for the seat on the throne. All alliances broken, all treaties and friendships between pirates gone an instant. This would prove to be very dark days going forward. There is now a race to build the biggest fleet of ships and take a shot at the throne.

The Dark Sea

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