Tharivol Orl'Falcone

Half-Elf Evoker


Tharivol is the sarcastic, world wise evoker on Captain Salazar Ruhl‘s Annalyssa’s Revenge. Basically a wise-cracking mobile magical artillery platform, the only things that the half-elf takes seriously are magic and his loyalty to his ship and crew. This loyalty stems from when a young Salazar helped Tharivol to escape from a pirate slave hunter. Since that incident the two have been nearly inseparable.

It is Tharivol who is given over to the training of Iskarias Chaosborn when the tiefling was caught trying to pick his captain’s pocket. Tharivol immediately recognized the boy’s magic potential and began his young charge’s instruction. The evoker quickly realized that Iskarias would not be a normal wizard but did his best to help the young tiefling control the awesome power that courses through him.

Tharivol Orl'Falcone

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